Michve Alon

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Michve Alon is a base in the north where there are many educational courses run. It is most well known for its three-month Hebrew course that is required at the beginning of a soldier’s service if they are a newcomer to Israel (oleh chadash) when first joining the IDF if their Hebrew is not strong enough to be drafted into any job in the army. If you get a 5 or below on the hebrew exam on the day of your tzav rishon you are required to go to michve alon and if you get a 6 you are allowed to request being placed there still. If you want a retest you will have to participate in some form of Hebrew learning program and then call to ask them to set a new date for you to be tested before you draft.

I am currently in Michve alon which is a combination of basic training where we learn how to shoot, do workouts and learn about Israel. And then The second half of is Hebrew course where we sit in Hebrew class for 8-10 hours learning how to master the language to then help us get the job we want in the army. Every week we have a combat workout and a regular workout. We also meet people from all over the world since michve alon is so diverse. The best feeling in the world is when you realize how much your Hebrew has improved and how much i learned in such little time. Eden

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  • Gabe

    What is the hebrew exam like?

    • Rachel

      You can find all the information needed about the Hebrew exam on this page .

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