Drafting to the IDF
Drafting to the IDF

Learn all about the drafting process step-by-step, get familiar with various IDF units and positions, ranging from non-combat to special forces, and discover tips from lone soldiers about the drafting process and day-to-day service once you join the IDF.

Lone Soldiers' Countries of Origin

North America 1020 Soldiers
France 607 Soldiers
Ukraine 563 Soldiers
Russia 531 Soldiers
Other Countries 231 Soldiers
Eastern Europe 208 Soldiers
South Africa 156 Soldiers
Australia 143 Soldiers
Ethiopia 118 Soldiers
England 95 Soldiers

Source: Walla News 2016

As of 2017 over 6,800 lone soldiers have joined the IDF

Where Lone Soldiers Serve

  • Combat Units
  • Combat Support
  • Other Positions

Types of Lone Soldiers

  • Soldiers whose parents live abroad
  • Soldiers who are not in contact with their parents

Latest Drafting Tips & FAQ

  • Video Tour of Michvei
    Video Tour of Michvei
    Michve Alon is the first stop for most lone soldiers when they draft into the IDF.  They spend 3 months learning Hebrew and preparing for their service. Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael [...]
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  • Preparing Yourself for Michvei Alon
    Preparing Yourself for Michvei Alon
    Michve Alon is a base in the north offering an array of educational courses. It is most known for the three-month Hebrew course required at the beginning of a soldier’s service if they are [...]
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  • Micro Tavor vs. the M4/M16
    Micro Tavor vs. the M4/M16
    Every soldier in the IDF receives a gun when they enlist: whether temporarily for basic training or the occasional guard duty shift, or for the entirety of their service, as is the case for [...]
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