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The following program enables young Jews from all over the world to volunteer to join the IDF and become Israeli soldiers. The program aims to contribute to Israel’s defense and to provide knowledgeable and enthusiastic young leaders for the future of Jewish communities.

The Regular Mahal program is for men younger than 24 and women younger than 21. You are eligible if you are living abroad and are a descendant of at least one Jewish grandparent. The program consists of a 4-week pre-army course and there are a few options of courses. After the course, you will be drafted to 18 months of service in the IDF.

The Mahal Hesder program is for dati (religious) Jewish men younger than 24, not living in Israel. The program consists of 6½ months of studies in one of the Yeshivot Hesder (IDF Rabbinical College) followed by at least 14½ months of IDF service, in total-21 months.

Netzah Yehuda was designed for the Haradim. The unit offers Glatt Kosher food, allocated time for prayer and learning. Shabbat observance is mandatory to enlist in the unit! There currently is no ulpan given to those with poor Hebrew. Soldiers learn Hebrew while in training. For more info, you can see the official site of Mahal-Netzach Yehuda

***Note that some units do not accept Mahal soldiers for a few different reasons. Some reasons include service length not being long enough (with and after training) and not being able to get a security clearance due to lack of citizenship.

***If the candidate decides to stay in Israel during or shortly after their service (by declaring their citizenship & filling out a residency form), they will have to complete a full service as a citizen, depending on their age when they first arrived in Israel and their family status on the day they were declared a citizen.