Medical Profile

During your Tzav Rishon, you will undergo a physical medical examination with a doctor. They will assign you one of the following numbers to represent your health, which will affect where you can serve in the IDF.


97 – Totally healthy and fit for elite combat and everything else.

82 – Healthy and fit for combat, but not elite units – due to minor health issues such as: glasses or color blindness.

77 – Fit for only certain types of combat units only (Artillery, Combat Engineering, Field Intelligence, Search and Rescue and Tanks) and any non-combat position – due to conditions such as: Hyperhidrosis, Rhinitis or certain allergies.

72 – Fit for limited types of combat units (Artillery, Search and Rescue and Tanks) – due to more severe conditions such as: mild Asthma, or back/knee issues.

65 – Any severe injury, trauma or medical condition that occurs during the soldier’s army service and temporarily makes the soldier unfit for combat.

64 – Not healthy enough to serve in most combat units, only fit for Magav (Border Police), air force combat or combat support and non-combat positions – due to heavy Asthma, or abnormalities in height or weight at both ends of the scale.

45 – Has severe medical or psychological issues and will require special accommodations and prevent the soldier from serving in most combat support positions and many positions that require certain courses.

35 – Medical conditions that prevent someone from being in any combat support position, only non-combat jobs would be available – Due to conditions such as: Celiac, Diabetes, Epilepsy, and those hard of hearing or other malignant diseases.

30/25 – Voluntarily drafted soldier, someone who had a profile of 21 and it was raised in order for him to draft under special circumstances and conditions.

24 – If something happens during a soldier’s service, that renders the soldier currently unable to serve at all s/he is therefore given an temporary exemption from his/her army service – usually due to injury or surgery.

21 – Someone who cannot draft due to severe psychological or medical health issues that cannot be accommodated. In some situation, can submit a request for an appeal to have their profile raised in order to volunteer for certain jobs.