Be prepared for the IDF

Joining a pre-army preparatory program
can get you ready for the IDF

Joining a pre-draft program can help you get in shape physically, improve your Hebrew, gain leadership skills, learn navigation and know what to expect once you draft. Here are a few ways you can prepare to join the IDF:

Read about the process of drafting to the IDF here.

Pre-Army Mechinot

Pre-Military Leadership Academies (Mechinot) will help you become a leader in the IDF.  There are religious, secular and mixed Mechinot.

Maslul Michael

The Lone Soldier Center’s seven-week army preparatory program run by commanders and officers who were previously lone soldiers themselves.

Tzevet Mikey

Physically and mentally preparing the next generation of combat soldiers and leaders in Israeli society. Tzevet Mikey is operated year-round by former commanders from special forces.

Tsevet Lohamim

Team of Warriors – צוות לוחמים is a Special Forces & Leadership training academy dedicated to making better humans that can lead other people and are harder to kill.