Where Can I Go to Look for an Apartment?

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Hi DraftIDF, I was wondering where I can look, either physically or online, for an apartment. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks! ~Noah

Hi Noah!

Before you start looking for an apartment it’s probably best to start weighing some pros and cons. While apartment life may seem ideal, finding decent rent in Jerusalem is not easy, but then again having clean laundry is. Before you even start to look for an apartment, find a roommate or two, it could be a good way to save money on rent. Here’s the good news about looking for an apartment, all you’ll need is a bed and wifi. The first place you’re going to want to check is Yadshtayim. Yadshtayim is a great website to find apartments for rent, without using a realtor. Just a fair warning though, the site is in hebrew.

Another great place to look is on Facebook. There are so many helpful Facebook groups where you can find apartments. There are even numerous groups just for each city. And going back to that language barrier issue on Yadshtayim, people post in all different languages in any group you might find. Another advantage to looking on Facebook is you could also find a sublet, which is often times a cheaper and easier alternative to renting.

Here are a couple of specific groups to look out for:

  1. Bayit Cham – Bayit Shel Benji (For guys only in Ra’anana)
  2. Chayal el Chayal (Jerusalem)
  3. Beit HaChayal (Israel public housing service for soldiers)
  4. Lone Soldier Center Arnona housing (Jerusalem)

Hope this helps. Feel free to CONTACT US with any more questions.

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  • Sam

    I heard the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin has housing projects. Can I live there?

    • admin

      Hey Sam! Thanks for contacting us. Yes- the Lone Soldier Center has housing projects but they fill up pretty quickly. You can read more about housing options here or call the Lone Soldier Center at 02-5022211

  • Zachariah

    Hello,my name is Zack. I am not a Jew but I love the Jewish tradition and life. I am a Christian and follow the major Jewish holidays. It would be an HONOR to serve or fight for Israel. I’m a 29 year old American make and want to join and fight. PLEASE HELP ME. Tell me how to support Israel army! Please email me for any hope. Ps I don’t have any Jewish relatives and I don’t know MUCH Hebrew but I want to learn.

  • Gabe

    Can you post the emails and phone numbers to call for housing?

    • Rachel

      All other contact information regarding housing can be found here.

  • sarah

    My hebrew is not good. Can I come to the lonesoldier center to get some help with searching on the YAD2 website?

    • Rachel

      Yes, the Lone Soldier Center has people who volunteer to assist you with Hebrew. I also recommend you look at the groups on Facebook, some are in English even, so you can more easily find an apartment.

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