Can I Still Be a Lone Soldier If I Have Family In Israel?

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The way it works in Israel, is that a lone soldier is someone who has no family in Israel that he or she is receiving support from. Due to the laws granting lone soldiers with financial, as well as army, benefits that Israelis do not receive, it is forbidden to have your parents in Israel if you are in contact or living with them. It is, however, permitted to have siblings or extended family here living in Israel at the time of your status as a lone soldier.

There are specific rules regarding a lone soldiers’ parents moving to Israel in the middle of their service, because if it is not done correctly and at the right time, the soldier could lose all of his or her rights as lone soldiers.

Regarding lone soldiers who come from Haredi backgrounds or families living in Israel, it is permitted for him or her to receive all of the normal lone soldier benefits only if they are no longer in contact with their families. The army does follow through and check these situations.

If you have a specific circumstance and would like more clarity, please contact us.

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  • sasha

    My parents are making aliyah one month before I end my service. Will I still get lone soldier benefits?

    • Rachel

      If your parents come to Israel for an extended period of time (or make aliya) during the course of your service, the army gives you another 6 months of lone soldier status. This is to help you and family get on their feet and not make it as if you are being punished for your family joining you while you are serving.

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