The Units: What is “Kishrei Chutz”?

 In Position Descriptions

The IDF Liaison Unit is responsible for relations between the IDF and foreign armies, international bodies operating in our region and the Palestinian Authority, with the exception of the intelligence services.

Sandra, a lone soldier serving in this unit describes what her particular job is like: “My job is a Liason to Foreign Forces (משקית קישור לכוחות הזרים) and I serve in Kishrei Chutz-The International Cooperation Unit (קשרי חוץ). Within Kishrei Chutz there are a few branches One branch is all the people who run the centers that work with foreign armies that are surrounding Israel. Then there are those who work with armies that are not bordering Israel, for when they come to visit and on the regular to keep up the connections abroad. I work with The Foreign Liaison office to Jordan where we work with the Jordanian office, I love my job and really enjoy all the tasks that I am responsible for within my job framework.”

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