Isuf Kravi

 In Position Descriptions

Isuf Kravi is a field intelligence and recon unit gathering information close to and behind enemy lines. The unit’s beret color is yellow and soldiers need a profile of 82+ to join.

Daniella, a lone soldier from  Los Angeles, CA is serving in this unit.  She describes her unit as follows: ” I drafted to the army nine months ago to Michve Alon, I moved on and am now serving in Isuf Kravi, which is a co-ed combat unit. Our job is field intelligence and we are trained to the highest level in weaponry for all female combat soldiers, except for Oketz. We undergo 8 months of training in which we learn field combat as well as how to operate our specialized observing equipment. Our job is to set up emdot (camouflaged lookout points) along the Egyptian border where we can stay up to 72 hours at a time observing whatever goal we are given. If we encounter issues, we leave the lookout point to use our ground combat skills or we call in other ground forces stationed in the areas around us.”

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