Come to Israel to give to your people and to serve. Don’t expect anything in return.

 In Core of the IDF
You are here to give and serve. You are not in the army for you – you are in the army for the Jewish people.
If you are coming to take, or get, something from the army, to impress someone, or to “find yourself” then we recommend against serving in the IDF or any military.
Join the military to give and to help in every way possible, and only then will you receive a lot in return.
You can play a tiny part that can make a huge difference – stay awake in the ambush, resupply the tank, save a family’s life driving in Israel – it’s the tiny acts that make the big difference.
If you come as an act of intense love for your people, to protect and defend Jewish lives, the Jewish people, the future existence of the Jewish nation that was bitterly missed for 2000 years, then you will succeed and your IDF service will give you a lot in return.
Service is easy if you are committed to giving of yourself to something much bigger than yourself: to playing your small part in protecting and enabling the future and safety of the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland.
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  • Alexander Birger

    How to reach mahal

    • Rachel

      So it is well known that Mahal does not answer their phones very often. However, they are very helpful if you email them. There are specific times of year that are packed and stressful for them, so keep in mind it may take a week or so to get a response.

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