Devote yourself to learning the Hebrew language.

 In Core of the IDF

Learn as much Hebrew as possible – you won’t understand the jokes, make friends, be a leader or understand the culture and have fun without Hebrew. Strive to make friends that do not speak English or your native language as this will help to improve your Hebrew skills.

Physical preparation is good; however, knowledge and the ability to speak, understand and thrive in a new mentality and culture are more critical to your service. Hebrew will allow you to understand the jokes, be able to express yourself, to laugh at others (and yourself).

How can I “speak the language of the Hebrew man”?

  • Carry a mini-notebook, write down 3 new words each day and review them at the end the end of each week and each month.
  • Watch Israeli news each night, along with TV shows and movies in Hebrew, with only Hebrew subtitles.
  • Listen to music in Hebrew and look up the lyrics to learn all the words and phrases you do not recognize.
  • Read one section of the newspaper each day – learn the words, expand your vocab and confidence.
  • Date an Israeli – within months, you will speak Hebrew fluently.
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  • jenna

    do you have any TV show recomendations?

    • Rachel

      For practicing your Hebrew, we recommend חטופים (Chatufim), סרוגים (Srugim), רמזור (Ramzor), תרג”ד (Targad) with subtitles in Hebrew, not your native tongue!

  • Ari

    Where can I get Hebrew classes or private tutoring in Hebrew?

    • Rachel

      There are many kibbutzim that offer ulpan courses and you can find them at this link. There are also ulpan programs in main cities around Israel, you can find them easily by googling it for the city you are interested in living in. For private tutoring, The Lone Soldier Center in Jerusalem has free one-on-one tutoring for people who are pre-draft and you can find out more about them here.

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