Have the right mindset. Be a good friend. Be a leader.

 In Core of the IDF
Have the right mindset.
Your mindset and mentality set the tone for your service – it makes your service easier and more successful. Be in the army to give and serve. Don’t be a lawyer who argues for which minute you arrive home and when you get a Yom Siddurim (day off). Instead, make good relationships with your officers, so they will want to help you.
Be a good friend.
You can, and should, make amazing friends in the army who you stay close with in reserves and throughout life.
Be a leader.
You can lift everyone up.  Your morale can be contagious and should lift everyone up around you. Lead from the front with amazing actions – that is what it means to be a true leader. If you really want to lead, ask early and often to go to Course Makim (Commander’s Course), become a commander and strive to be an officer!
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