Talking to Commanders and Getting What You Want

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It is very important to know how to approach and speak to your commander about your rights as lone soldiers. Many commanders are not aware of lone soldier rights and unless you approach him/her about these rights, you will never receive your benefits. However, when you aproach your commander, make sure to use these tips in order to avoid any problems that could arise from that conversation.

When you initially start the conversation with your commander regarding certain rights you have or benefits you may be elgible to receive, make sure that you are not coming from a position that you know better than they do. Often times, they simply do not know and will have to get back to you regarding specific benefits. If they deny your rights, do not get upset, but rather reach out to your Mashakit Tash (social worker) or lone soldier programs who will help inform your commander.

One of the most important things to know is that you may not always have the correct information as well. Always check to see that you know what your rights are before approaching your commander, because sometimes the words on the street is not always true. Also, what one person gets from their commander might not be what everyone gets from theirs, so just because you heard about someone being granted extra time off or other benefits, make sure not to expect that for yourself as well.

The most important thing to always have in mind is that you will need to have a relationship with your commander and if you are not giving him the impression that you want to be there, work hard, and be an example for the rest of your company, he will be less likely to help you when you want something. Give them what they want and they will be more likely to give you what you want.

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